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With regard to construction management, the owner maintains contractual ties with the professionals (architects and engineers) and construction manager responsible for completing a project. By choosing this approach, Groupe Siren acts as an advisor from the design stage to the final building layout. This encompasses the following responsibilities:

  • Make recommendations about materials, deadlines and budgets
  • Coordinate all specialized contractor activities
  • Supply administrative and technical services to ensure the project runs smoothly

There are numerous advantages to this approach. Here are a few:

  • Construction recommendations right from the design stage
  • Very easy to make adjustments during the construction period
  • Better cost and tighter timeline oversight
  • Fewer parties involved than with other approaches
  • More positive work relations with various parties

For turnkey projects, the owner awards a single contract to the general contractor who then manages the project from design to construction stage. The contractor is responsible for the professionals, the specialized contractors, the labour force and all suppliers and is bound contractually to each of them. There are several advantages to working with Groupe Siren using this approach. For example, the client interacts with the general contractor at each step of the project, which greatly simplifies communications. Moreover, the general contractor assumes the greater part of the risks. Groupe Siren commits to delivering the construction work as agreed before the set deadlines and within the approved budget. Finally, setting a fixed rate eliminates the risk of exceeding budget overruns.

Sustainable development meets today’s needs without compromising the ability of future generations of meeting theirs. Sustainable development is rooted in a long-term vision that takes into account the holistic character of the environmental, social and economic dimensions of operating or renovation activities. 

Within the scope of a LEED project, Groupe Siren makes sure that all planned measures, including all prerequisite measures and credits jointly selected with the client and the architect, are applied and documented. Groupe Siren also ensures that all required supporting documentation – as well as any documents that identify the measures to be implemented to meet various prerequisites and credits (ex: plans for pollution prevention during construction, waste management and indoor air quality while work is outgoing) – complies with the set requirements.

With regard to fixed-price projects, the contractor commits to completing the work in full compliance with the requirements of the detailed plans and fixed-rate quotes, regardless of the real cost. However, the price is adjusted if the owner requests a change in the nature of the work to be performed. Any change requires the written approval of the owner and a form specifying the related price adjustment. As a result, the client can be certain of the price; no surprises await the client in the future, even if the real costs were to increase. If that were the case, Groupe Siren would assume the financial risks of any cost overrun. Normally, design is entirely defined prior to the start of work and the risks of cost overruns after the contract is signed are, as a consequence, greatly reduced by the fixed-price nature of the contract.